Exchange Bank, Circa 1915, Oakfield

In 2010, Vonnice Brown wrote: I have always loved this building and about a year ago, I purchased it from the Harris family. The bank was built in the early 1900’s and was open only 3 years as a bank. In trying to determine a date of construction, I compared Vonnice’s information with the transcript of an old lawsuit brought by the bank in 1916 against a Mr. Odum. If the bank only operated three years, that would put the date of construction around 1915. Amazing that it only served as a bank for three years. It’s a beautiful old building.


9 thoughts on “Exchange Bank, Circa 1915, Oakfield

  1. niel stinton

    After the bank closed the cement safe from the bank was used at the pump in the middle of the road to water horses. It stayed there until they put up the gazebo. The pump worked until they put up the gazebo

  2. jitarheel

    If it only was a bank until 1918, that could be due to the Spanish Flu which hit then. My mother, Jeannie Gulley, grew up in Worth County, and her parents pulled her out of school for the 1918 school year due to Spanish Flu.

  3. Bryan Shaw

    I love this building as well. Oakfield is a charming little community, well kept and cries out for preservation. The other buildings that are shown here from Oakfield speak of an earlier time that suddenly ended. Did the turpentine depression cause its demise or the boll weevil infestation or . . .?
    The Berrien Historical Foundation has been researching this community for its connections to some events in Berrien County, Georgia in 1909.

    1. ben dooley

      I am just wondering Lorie if you (or your husband) are related to the large family of Scroggs in the Gainesville / Oakwood GA area? I have a cousin that is married to one of that family and I have known many of them all my life. It is not a very common name.

    1. ben dooley

      Indeed, what are your plans for the building? Hope you will keep us updated on the progress Vonnice and/or Brian.


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