Patriotic Scenes in Rebecca


To me, there’s nothing more patriotic than a small town flying flags in honor of Freedom. Downtown Rebecca is lined with flags and they look wonderful. And what better to remind us of the best in America than this group of boys walking down a local street, having fun outside. One even has a watermelon.



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4 responses to “Patriotic Scenes in Rebecca

  1. Victor Mcgough

    Take out the signs for the GA highways and the top picture could have been taken in hundreds of small towns in South GA. Seeing the train brought me back to my childhood in Lily GA (Dooly County). Thanks Brian for all the memories. I sing your praises to all the staffers at the GA welcome center on I75 every time I go through.

  2. Jackie Spires

    I love the pic of Rebecca but the RR croseing makes me sad. My nephew was hit an lost his life there.I was raised in Rochelle.

  3. Sue

    I love this shot of downtown Rebecca. Photo number two captures a rare sight for the times we are now living in. Thanks! Happy Independence Day to you, too!

    • Mary Nell Glaze Hinson ..... (Glaze...Wade)

      Love your pics & comments, I love our U.S. Flag!!!
      I pledge allegience to the Flag, of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation, under GOD, with liberty and justice for all . . . . hands over our hearts and Amen!!

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