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Whitesville United Methodist Church, 1854 & 1900, Harris County

The Whitesville Methodist Episcopal Church, South, as it was originally known, traces its origins to circuit riders and meetings at the nearby home of Reuben R. Mobley in 1828. A congregation was formally established in the 1830s and by 1837 a church building was erected for services. This was the same year the town of Whitesville was incorporated; it was a thriving community at the time, bolstered by its status as a main stagecoach stop on the Columbus-to-Rome route. Many early members were slave owners and the slaves attended afternoon services until the Civil War. [Evidence continues to suggest that most homes that survive from the antebellum were built by enslaved people and I’m doing my  best to label them as such as I publish them across my websites. It is also presumed that churches and other public buildings were their handiwork, as well].

Use of the original structure was discontinued in 1854 when the present structure was completed. The church was significantly remodeled in 1900, with the addition of the larger steeple and the incorporation of Victorian details, including shingle siding on the steeple.

National Register of Historic Places

Shady Grove Baptist Church, 1907, Harris County

Founded by Harris County pioneer settlers in 1832, the congregation of Shady Grove has survived for nearly two centuries. After loss of members and years of inactivity, the church has been given new life with a new membership and regular services. The present structure replaced an earlier church building that burned in 1907.

Hamilton Baptist Church, 1890

This is an interesting Victorian church and one of the most historic congregations in Harris County, dating to 1829.

National Register of Historic Places

Shiloh United Methodist Church, 1893, Harris County

This photo dates to March 2012.

First Baptist Church, 1910, Pine Mountain

Abridged from the First Baptist Church Pine Mountain website: The Baptist Church was built and dedicated on May 28, 1887. The Chipley* Baptist Church served the town well until the fateful night of April 24, 1908, when the entire town of Chipley was struck by a devastating tornado. The entire town including the Baptist Church was leveled.  Although, the tornado was a major devastation, God’s people responded with resolve to rebuild. On April 24, 1910 the new brick Baptist Church was dedicated.

*- Chipley was the first name for Pine Mountain.