McNatt-Green-Burdell House, Bath

One of the nicest examples of a country house in urban Richmond County, this antebellum landmark likely dates to the 1830s or 1840s, but that is just a guess. Historic Augusta notes: Nestled in South Augusta in Bath, also known as Richmond Bath[s], the McNatt house is an excellent example of surviving antebellum architecture in the Central Savannah River Area. The community of Bath is so named because of the mineral spring located near the original town site. Prominent Augustans frequented the springs and subsequently many buildings were constructed, including the McNatt House, built by Adam McNatt a wealthy planter from Burke County…

Thanks to Kenneth Dixon for the identification.

2 thoughts on “McNatt-Green-Burdell House, Bath

  1. Dale E. Reddick

    Hey Brian,

    One correction for this posting about Bath. There are -multiple- springs arising from the hillsides around Bath. I grew up in nearby Blythe and as a young fellow I’ve been to two of the springs which can be found alongside one of the roads surrounding Bath. Then there’s the German bathhouse near to this house, which was built along the course of the outflow from another spring. All of the springs contribute to a branch which flows into the South Prong of Spirit Creek. The Galloway family lived in this house during the 1960s and ’70s. The oldest of the Galloway children was a year behind me in school. He was struck by a car on nearby US 1, as I recall things. He survived that and seemed to have recovered fully from that accident. The next oldest child was a sister and she very pretty, with long brunette hair (I’m thinking of her when she was in junior high school).

  2. ben dooley

    EARLY 19th century house with probably a late 19th century porch. Great old house Brian, thanks. It appears to be Plain style actually built as a 4 over 4. I think that is rather unusual in GA. Would love to learn of other examples.


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