Queen Anne Cottage, Pavo

Thanks to Nancy, here’s an earlier view of this house. It was purchased from a previous owner in 1942. Her family has been gone from Pavo for many years.


2 thoughts on “Queen Anne Cottage, Pavo

  1. Elna Nevil Strickland

    Nancy’s comments sounded a little familiar. We are living in an old home which was my grandparent’s house and later, my parent’s. My grandfather was a country doctor and he delivered most of his grandchildren in this home or in homes close by. My husband & I are doing what we can to repair and restore it. When we began working on it, the original wiring was still in it and it had to be rewired. Water Pipes had to be replaced…..etc. It is a process..bit by bit. The house is pictured in the Bulloch County section on Hwy 301 south of Statesboro, Georgia. Wonderful memories with this old two-story home. I had a friend notify me that she had seen pictures of our house on this site.

  2. nancy

    I wish you had a picture of this house from years ago…this was my grandparents house, my father born and raised in it. it used to be so beautiful (to me anyway)…when my grandmother could no longer live alone she sold it and sadly its been through many owners (one even painted it pink!) Someone since tried to fix it up but I think it was much better as it once was. Love your website…thanks for all you do!


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