Calhoun County Courthouse, 1930, Morgan

The town of Morgan came into being as a compromise. Soon after Calhoun County’s creation in 1854, a debate arose as to whether the town of Whitney or Concord would become the county seat. The compromise was to lay out a town between the two for the purpose of conducting the business of the courts. There’s also a debate as to the origin of the name. Some contend it honors Hiram Morgan, one of the first commissioners; while others feel it was Revolutionary War general Daniel Morgan. It was incorporated in 1856. An attempt to move the county seat from Morgan to Arlington passed a public vote in 1923 and Arlington served that capacity until 1929, when another vote removed the seat to Morgan, at which time plans to build this courthouse were made.

The present Calhoun County courthouse was designed in the Colonial Revival style by T. F. Lockwood, Jr., son of one of the busiest architects in Georgia in the early 20th century and an accomplished architect himself. He designed several courthouses, numerous churches and landmark private residences still standing today.



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