Bank of Shady Dale, Jasper County

After its initial use as a bank in the early 1900s, this landmark has served as the post office, city hall, and library. It’s all that remains of a once-thriving row of commercial storefronts.


4 thoughts on “Bank of Shady Dale, Jasper County

  1. Gwen Ingram O'Looney

    My grandparents lived in Shady Dale and next door to this was a brick post office building that was of the same era, but not as fancy. So glad they saved the bank.

  2. Connie McGhee

    OMGosh! Love this building, love the name, but truthfully, Would you put your savings in a bank with “shady” in the name???

  3. ben dooley

    This is a wonderful and quirky little building. It sort of looks how a primitive painter might render a bank on his or her canvas. Sorry to say I have never heard of Shady Dale, but it is a wonderful name for a town…could have been the hometown of Dick and Jane in my first grade reader those many years ago.


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