Findlay, Georgia

Other than the fact that a post office known as Findlay operated here from 1889-1905, I’ve not been able to track down more information about this lost community. Today, the only visible reminder of its past is this abandoned commercial structure, likely a general store, built by A. C. Bullinton in 1914. A large agribusiness operation, Finley Gin Company, dominates the area today. Of course, there are variations in the spelling of the settlement’s name.


6 thoughts on “Findlay, Georgia

  1. meg6565

    I have a beautiful painting of this building when it was a general store from the late 1969s. How might I share it for others to view? Please help.

  2. Meg

    It was owned by ‘Mrs w e porter’ a general store owned by my mothers family . She lived across the street. I remember visiting in the 60s as a child. My father was an award winning artist . I have a photo of a painting of the store.


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