Hamilton House, 1885, Vienna

Thanks to Brenda Ambrose Lockerman for the identification. Beth English shared this history from an early illustrated promotional booklet about Dooly County: J. O. Hamilton has always lived in Dooly County, reared on the farm and educated at Mercer University. He has been in business in Vienna many years; married Miss May Holmes and they have a lovely family of five children. Their home is one the corner of Union and Fifth Streets, and is a palatial one indeed. Mr. Hamilton is the president of the Bank of Vienna and is a cotton buyer and does a large stock and buggy business. He has been mayor and councilman of Vienna and is Chairman of the Democratic Executive Committee of Dooly County. He is one of the solid business men of the State and takes a keen interest in every move that tends to build up the city and enjoys the esteem and confidence of all of his fellow citizens. He is modest and conservative and is one of the most useful men of Vienna.

Vienna Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


1 thought on “Hamilton House, 1885, Vienna

  1. Jackie DiGennaro

    I was so thrilled to come across this photo and paragraph about my family! I have a large, framed photo of our home hanging in my hallway. My father, James Buford Hamilton, was born in this home in 1911. He was the grandson of Mary (May) Holmes and James O. Hamilton. Thank you!
    Jacqueline Hamilton DiGennaro – Sitka, Alaska


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