General Store, Dewy Rose

This old store, built circa 1914, is the symbol of the Dewy Rose community, which still has a post office and a Baptist church. Harold Ray Hopkins writes, “This was also the old Post Office. My brother and I got Sunday papers from there to deliver to folks on our bicycles.

5 thoughts on “General Store, Dewy Rose

  1. Henry Rousey (Retired rural letter carrier).

    The old post office is still standing (four miles northwest of Elberton, on State Highway 17. ) New post office is across the road from it.

  2. Ben Dooley

    Brian, just Where in Elbert County is Dewy Rose? I love that name…it will join Flowery Branch and Eastanollee as my NE GA favorites.

    1. Henry Rousey

      Dewy Rose is 5 miles north of Elberton on State Highway 17. A new Post Office on left side of the highway and the old Post Office is on the right.

    2. Margaret Wahl

      This photo is the original Dewy Rose Post Office. My great uncle Wilburn Adams was the Post Master here and I remember going there to collect mail for my grandmother, Josie Adams Hewell.
      There was also a community nearby called “Hardcash” GA!


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