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General Putnam Restaurant, Eatonton

Since a fire destroyed the General Putnam Motel in 2018, the restaurant is all that remains, and it probably won’t be around much longer. This was a popular location for tourists on US 441 in the pre-interstate days and beyond, but is best known as one of the set locations for the movie My Cousin Vinny. It’s just north of Eatonton, but I believe a recent expansion of the municipal boundary places it within the city limits today. It likely dates to the late 1940s or early 1950s.

Abandoned Tourist Court, Towns County

This likely served as the office or a restaurant for a larger collection of cabins, on US 76. It was possibly used as a store at some time, as well.

Angus Motel Sign, Washington

The Art Deco elements of this sign suggest it probably dates to the 1940s. The motel is still standing but appears to be a residential property.