Tattnall County Courthouse, 1902, Reidsville


Designed by J. W. Golucke, Georgia’s leading courthouse architect, this structure was greatly modified in 1961. It originally featured a clock tower and mansard roof. It remains one of the more unique courthouses in the state.

National Register of Historic Places

12 thoughts on “Tattnall County Courthouse, 1902, Reidsville

    1. Ben Dooley

      Jake, that is very interesting. Was the 3d floor in a mansard roof configuration? A mansard would have given this a much stronger 2d Empire appearance along the lines of the beautiful 1890s courthouse in Hancock County. As an interesting aside…I am not aware of any two current courthouses in GA of identical design. In 1936 a tornado destroyed the Hall County Courthouse in my hometown of Gainesville. Based on many old photos I have seen, it was identical to the present Hancock County CH. Are any readers aware of other “twins” among GA courthouses?

    2. Ben Dooley

      This is an interesting building. I have just done a search and found a picture of the building before “renovations”. You are right…they were crazy. It is a beautiful building now, but it was an amazing and fantastic architectural “tour de force” before!

  1. Ben Dooley

    This has a lot more than 2d Empire architectural influence. It is an architectural “melting pot”…a beautiful “mish mash”…I love it!

    1. John P. Rabun, Jr.

      This is the 5th courthouse to serve Tattnall County. I have written a book on these courthouses, Two on the River, Three in Town: the Five Courthouses of Tattnall County. It is now at the Tattnall Journal in Reidsville to be printed.


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