Smith-Nelson Hotel, 1908, Reidsville

Zachary (1850-1930) and Mary Jane Nelson Smith (1857-1924) moved from North Carolina to the Shiloh community outside Reidsville in 1893 They first operated a hotel on this location in 1905, but it was lost to fire soon thereafter. They rebuilt the present structure on the same site in 1908. Their in-laws, the Nelson family, moved to Reidsville in 1913 and assumed management of the hotel. It’s known simply as the Nelson Hotel today and most recently served as a bed and breakfast inn. It’s presently for sale.

National Register of Historic Places

1 thought on “Smith-Nelson Hotel, 1908, Reidsville

  1. Jane Harris

    It is a shame what the current owners did to this special old building. The colors are just horrible. I shudder to think what they have done to the interior. There are a couple of brick buildings across and slightly down from this that have unique histories. Just above it the building where Parker Insurance is located was originally the town funeral home. On the next corner is the building that was a drugstore owned by the doctor (Jelks) who operated a clinic/hospital next to it. He was the only doctor anywhere around for many years and delivered many of the people in Tattnall County including myself. Dr. Jelks developed and mixed many of his own medicines and he trained all his nurses.


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