Moody’s Bar-B-Q, Woodbine

This is just south of Woodbine on US Highway 17. It’s been widely photographed, the most famous of these images having been made over 30 years ago by the late Jack Leigh. Various signs, from Coca-Cola to Sunbeam, have been removed or stolen over the years, but the architecture remains interesting, especially the oversized pit chimney. Thanks to Terry Proctor of Woodbine for clarifying its identity. I had originally called it Bell’s Bar-B-Q, but Terry thinks that was across the highway. He also notes that Moody’s was the standard by which all barbecue in the area was judged for many years!


5 thoughts on “Moody’s Bar-B-Q, Woodbine

  1. Jeffrey Durbin

    Mr. Moody ran that barbecue place for 30 or 40 years. When Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base opened, Best barbecue made with mustard-based sauce I ever had! Admirals in their sparkling white uniforms ate barbecue at Moody’s. After his death, his daughters tried to make a go at it, but weren’t in business as long as their father–probably just 4 or 5 years at most.

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  3. Andy Davidson

    A friend, a GA park ranger from Crooked River & I picked up some chopped BBQ sandwiches there in the 80s on the way to 3R Fish Camp on the Satilla river. An older black lady made them & they were good.

  4. Fran Gist

    Lived in St. Mary’s Ga >25 years ago-still have my photo of Moody’s and have tried to replicate their BBQ since!

  5. Andy

    Nice! I went on a road trip 3 years ago through the old highways of the deep south. Pasted this old bbq shack, turned around and tool some shots of it. Never new its history until my last art show when a customer recognized it! They said it looked “just like a bbq place in Georgia that we went to 10 years ago. I think it was called Moody’s” Googled it when I got home, and glory be! It was the same place! Thanks for writing about it!


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