Possum Point Road, Cox

Deep in the Altamaha River swamps is the forgotten logging community of Cox. Most land in the area is managed, but pockets of private property persist. While vernacular architecture is widely endangered throughout the state, it seems even more so along the coast.

3 thoughts on “Possum Point Road, Cox

  1. Jim Hicks

    You ought to go down a road, probably east of Sterling, GA community, to the area I think is called Yellow Bluff Fish Camp. I needed a cotter pin for a Johnson 5 1/2 kicker and had a blast looking for someone to tell me where I might find one. There was a shack somewhere with a man and woman where I inquired. Place could have been designed by the person who did the home in this pick. I eventually put in for fishing in a sound (Sapelo”), ran out of gas on way back, rowed against the outgoing tide in pitch blackness with a horrific lightning storm the whole way. Half way back I set up a camp stove under my row boat canopy and cooked breakfast. I had a Coleman lantern set up on a hook right in front of my eyes as I rowed siting, naturally, backward to my direction. Kept running my “Uncle Gabe Flatty Skiff” (14’6″ ) into mud banks. Pulled up to the dock and went to sleep in my jeep. Paid a wad for docking. Owner of the place thought my boat was 17 feet.


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