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Taylor County Courthouse, 1935, & Police Station, Butler

taylor county courthouse butler ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

Taylor County’s  Neoclassical/Colonial Revival courthouse was funded by the Civil Works Administration, part of Roosevelt’s New Deal. Significantly, it was designed by Frederick Roy Duncan (1864-1947) an architect from nearby Columbus, known for work on the Gatun Power Plant on the Panama Canal in 1910, as well as public buildings in Columbus and various structures at Fort Benning.  This courthouse replaced Taylor County’s first courthouse, on the same location. It was built in 1852 and stood until 1934, when it was torn down using convict labor.

butler ga police station photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

A six-sided police station stands on the northwest corner of the courthouse grounds. These were once common features but are rarely seen today. I don’t know that I’ve seen another one in Georgia. I’ve seen a few in the Midwest, though.

National Register of Historic Places


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Police Precinct, Glenwood

Glenwood GA Wheeler County Police Precinct House Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

I’m calling this a police precinct because I’ve seen several like it around Georgia, but it appears the police station is now located in the city hall. Still, this is one of the better maintained examples I’ve seen. The Uvalda Police Department, just down the road, utilizes a similar structure (I believe it’s still in use).


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Uvalda Police Department

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