Unknown Confederate Soldier, Dixie

dixie unknown confederate 2009

7 thoughts on “Unknown Confederate Soldier, Dixie

    1. James H. Edmondson

      No. I tried to ask more questions and look into it with all dead ends. Dixie didn’t have a paper but the only other avenues is the care taker of the cemetery or the little church across the street. They may have something.

  1. Jerry Bragg

    I would like to know if anyone knows what the dates are he was found. Are some were around the date. I’m looking for my g-grandfather grave and can’t find it.I think he was trying to get to Thomas Co . were he live, before the war. He was wounded in civil war and was sent home.

    1. EzriDaxKernDaxKahlessDax5000

      As far as I know no. I’m sorry. There is no dates. There was a train depot in Dixie during this time. Again, what oral history is told is that he was wounded & walked to this oak tree & sat down & passed away. There are a number of Confederate soldiers buried in this small cemetery. I wish you the best at finding your GGgrandfather.

  2. James H. Edmondson, III

    My family has lived in the ole Ward house on the corner (which is connected to this graveyard) since 71-72. I have been all over the grounds since I was 6 yrs old. I knew that this was an unknown Confederate Soldier for years. The story I was told was that this young man had been wounded from a battle, staggered into the graveyard and sat down next to the big oak tree just a few feet from his grave, and was found dead there. He was buried right next to where he had passed only known to God. Now, knowing that this was or has been passed down by word of mouth for over 150+ years, I can’t say it’s the truth. However, the story hasn’t changed from those who have now passed that I once knew. It is a stark reminder that there are also Civil War Battle sites around that also need to be remembered.


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