Marcham’s Grocery, Hephzibah

2 thoughts on “Marcham’s Grocery, Hephzibah

  1. gajoe42

    Brian, I lived in a house behind these stores as a boy of 11 in the early fifties, Nearby lived the Ray Taylor family, including my best friend and classmate, Ray Jr. Ray’s dad served in both World Wars and in the second war served on the great battleship Yorktown. Ray Jr. was stricken by polio after we moved away and later drowned in a swimming accident. Behind our houses was a great gully where we had many adventures, playing the inevitable war games that little boys played in the post-World War II era. Joe

  2. John Merritt

    Hello Brian.
    I live in Augusta and a friend and I are looking for some very old houses that are inhabited or not as possible sights for metal detecting. We are also interested in an abandoned school houses or where one used to be.
    If anyone can be of help to us and our hobby we would be most grateful.
    we are retired vets.


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