Hopeful, Georgia

hopeful unincorporated ga highway sign photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009

I dedicate this photo to a longtime friend, Ricky Lynn (1971-2014), who saw this photograph and asked me for a print. Just as I was ordering a copy for him, I learned that he had passed away, unexpectedly.

9 thoughts on “Hopeful, Georgia

  1. Amy Lewis

    I was born and raised in Hopeful, it is truly a very special place. My daddy’s family for many generations were from Hopeful. The Hopeful Church, Store and dirt roads hold many sweet memories for me. When I was a child, I would ride my 4-wheeler down the dirt roads to get to my grandma’s house, the Hopeful store, and my daddy’s airstrip. My daddy’s airstrip is the one Ben York mentioned in the previous post. His business, Lewis Ag Aviation has moved locations but is still up and running, better than ever. 🙂 I hope my future children and grandchildren appreciate home as much as I do. Home Sweet Hopeful!

  2. Mary Davis Donahue

    Sometime after 1850, T. R. Davis migrated from Burke County, Ga to the area that we now call Hopeful. When arrived, the church was located close to the flint river and was called Sardis. It later was moved to the present location and T. R. Davis was instrumental in naming the church on the new location site, Hopeful Baptist Church. T. R. Davis was a member of Hopeful Baptist Church in Burke County which inspired the name. You will find Hopeful Baptist Church of Burke County still active today. Naturally, the area around church became know as the Hopeful community. By the way, I am 34 years old and was born and raised in Hopeful living there until I graduated High School. I am sitting here with my father learning the history of my community and the heritage of my family for the first time. Thank you Vanishing South GA for giving me and my father this special moment. My dad is a proud graduate of Hopeful High School, class of 1960. They celebrated their 50 year reunion with having 12 of 17 graduates in attendance. Hopeful is truly a special place to my dad as well as me.

    1. Mamie C. Hopkins

      We worked with/for some of the Davis’. I remember a Mr Mack Davis. Are you related? We also lived on the Hayes(L.H.) farm for many years.

  3. Ben York

    I spent many a summer days in Hopeful visiting my grandparents. I remember going to the general store to buy candy and riding with my grandfather to carry the trash to the dump that was located behind the peanut mill. There was also a crop duster airstrip just down the road and it was always a treat to catch one of the planes taking off and landing. Very nice memories of Mrs. Gray, a friend of my grandmothers.

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