Palmer’s Stable, Sale City

sale city ga beasleys palmers stable photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009

This was formerly known as Beasley’s Stable and owned by Brady Beasley, a mayor of Sale City and Mitchell County Commissioner.


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4 responses to “Palmer’s Stable, Sale City

  1. stacie woods

    I have some very old pictures of sale city and families who lived there I have no idea who they are or where some of them are taking at my grandmother Maggie Arkansas Shiver Woods is who I got the pictures from she is not alive to tell me who or where they were if someone is interested in helping me find out who and where these pictures are please email me at

  2. Living By Grace

    Brady Beasley was my grandmother’s brother and I have heard many, many stories about him, his stable, & all his good works in the area. He gave me my first two horses as a girl and was a good, good man! I have his oil portrait hanging in my downstairs bathroom.

  3. Bill

    Formerly Beasley’s Stable,owned by Mr Brady Beasley. He was once the Mayor of Sale City and also was on the Mitchell County Commission back in the 1930’s

  4. Raymond Hall

    I do remember this barn,when I lived in Sale City Ga. Doing research on people living there. Most have passed on. Raymond Hall

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