South Georgia Mattress Company, Dublin

The owner of South Georgia Mattress Company, Wilburn Butler, is remembered fondly today. I’ve had several messages about what a nice man he was.


7 thoughts on “South Georgia Mattress Company, Dublin

  1. hotelholmangmailcom

    Wilburn Butler owned this store and buisness for many years . My dad’s (Jeff Davis) mother Esther Butler Davis was his sister . He was a wonderful family man . He always would give me his pocket change !

  2. hank davis

    My great Uncle Wilbur Butler owned the South Georgia Matress Company and as a boy I visited him there often. hank

    1. Lynne Hall Rowe

      Oh, my!!!!!!! My daddy’s store, Hall’s Grocery and Market, was attached to the right of Mr. Butler’s building — the white part you see in the picture. As a child I spent a lot of time playing in that yard. My daddy died in 1954. Mr. Butler made me a saddle blanket for my pony. Wish I had the other part of that picture!!

  3. Cindy

    My hometown is Dublin Georgia and I love your blog. I found it by way of Dot’s blog “Strolling through Georgia and sometimes Alabama”. I am sure to visit often. Fantastic photos of a great state. Thanks for sharing them.



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