Eldorado Welcome Sign, Tift County

Eldorado has an interesting history in regards to its name. The community was originally known as Fender, for the Frank Fender Turpentine Works, but renamed Eldorado by the railroad in 1888 to attract people to the rich pinelands that characterized the area. [El dorado (sic) means “the golden” in Spanish.] The post office, which in two incarnations, was open from 1898-1977, retained the name Fender, though the community is known as Eldorado. Confusing, I know…


4 thoughts on “Eldorado Welcome Sign, Tift County

  1. Colt Frierson

    My 3rd Great Grandmother Epsie Jane (Blount) Mullis was from Eldorado. She moved with her husband and Children to Cross City, Florida in the 1920s. Her parents, John and Martha (Watson) Blount and Grandmother Jane (Baker) Blount are buried at the Baker Family Cemetery in Eldorado. We visited the cemetery in 2020 during a trip up form our home in North Florida, and it was sad to see it so overgrown.

  2. Cathy Compton

    I’m searching for any information about Eldorado circa 1913. Genalogy related questions. G Grandmother caught a train in Wellston, GA, to Eldorado; why would anyone leave their home for Eldorado?


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