Gopher Apple, Irwinville

gopher apple irwinville ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011

Gopher Apple (Licania michauxii) is sporadically common in sandy roadsides and waste areas throughout South Georgia. It’s a food source for Gopher Tortoises (hence the name) and favored by many creatures that occur in their range. These were photographed in an area near Big Creek (Alapaha River) just outside Irwinville on Georgia Highway 32.

gopher apple irwin county ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011


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5 responses to “Gopher Apple, Irwinville

  1. thanks for posting…one plant I have never seen or heard of…unsual
    for sure

  2. SAnn

    Well Fred, this gets very interesting.
    I grew up in Sycamore, but moved to Florida as a teenager.
    My sister, Inez Aultman, once married to Davis Aultman, lived in Warwick for many years.
    They had three children, Dan, Gail and Karen.
    My cousins still live there, Arnold Davis and his Mother.
    It’s a small world, after all.

    Oh, and yes, I remember Mystic, also………..
    Thanks for the memories………………………..

  3. Fred Gleaton

    I grew up in Warwick and so 32 came into play when driving to Albany, and also to Fitzgerald. As I recall, the “town” of Mystic is also on that road, near Irwinville. I remember driving by that pavilion.

  4. SAnn

    If I remember correctly, there use to be a shelter of some kind in Irwinville, with bench seats. Sixty or sixty-five years ago, they use to have all day “Sings,” there. I think they also had dinner on the ground.
    Those were fun times for me, but I think my Mom got up before daylight to start cooking, for the dinner on the ground! She probably didn’t have as much fun as I did!!…………………

  5. Fred Gleaton

    Highway 32. Traveled it frequently as a lad. From Moreland’s Store, to Georgia 313 at Doles, past Antioch Church, Hobby Crossroads (Hwy 33), and on to Sycamore, Ocilla, and Douglas. All from memory, maybe off on a few details.

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