One Million Views!

Thanks to you, Vanishing South Georgia has reached a milestone.

As of today, one million views have been recorded on the website! Traffic has grown exponentially since I first launched it back in 2008. The style of the site has also changed from time to time and it continues to evolve. When I started the project, one of the catalysts was the lack of any information, especially imagery, of South Georgia on the internet. My mission has been to share my neck of the woods with the rest of the world, and with your help I’ve succeeded.  I’ve traveled to every county in South Georgia in the past four years and in the process of searching for the most forgotten and most unknown places of the region, I’ve taken over 300,000 photographs. As I’ve said many times before, it wouldn’t be possible without you and your generosity in spreading the word about my work.

Thank You!

(Update: As of 2016, we have now logged over 25 million views across multiple platforms!)

39 thoughts on “One Million Views!

  1. Jesse Bookhardt

    Brian keep doing what you are so good at doing. Your work is significant and will be long remembered and celebrated widely. Though I no longer live in South Georgia, because of you I am able to visit my old home often.

  2. Karen Dees

    I drove recently from Vidalia to Cordele on Hwy 280 – Lots of photo ops along that stretch. I thought of your work immediately – hope to see some of those sights here !
    Thanks so much for your work.
    Karen Carow Dees

  3. Karan

    South Georgia is beautiful isn’t it? Have you seen the small pitcherplant bog in Turner County on 117? I have taken puctures over the last year of the multitude of native wildflowers blooming there.

  4. Rusty McDonald

    I enjoy checking out your website every day. I have many memories of Douglas, Willacoochee and Fitzgerald. Congratulations on a great site and the one million views.

  5. Ken Peterson


    Were you from the Douglas/Pearson area? Pearson was a really interesting place and on Aerial views it seems to be very similar, yet changed. (i.e. Downtown is all but gone.) I recall the Miami Motel very well. All of the pictures would make a great documentary.

    Thanks again.

  6. Ken Peterson

    This has been better than a trip back to Ga. I worked in the Tobacco market from the 50′ thru early 60’s and have really enjoyed seeing many many things I remember.
    I would have loved to do this type of endeavor myself.
    Thank You!

  7. jim fowler



    I saw your segment on Jefferson Davis on GPTV last week. By coincidence, I happened to meet the great, great, great, great Granddaughter of Jefferson Davis the previous week. ( “My Granny Davis told me” )

    I really enjoy getting the photos of South Georgia.

    Thanks for your hard work.


  8. Chip

    Congratulations, Brian. You bring a refreshing moment with every photo. Your love for all things Georgia and your understanding that all things are ephemeral has brought joy and sweet sadness to many of us who follow you. Keep my longing strong for the Georgia where I grew up. I am deeply saddened that we don’t have to resources to save more.

  9. Gary McDaniel

    From someone whose parents were born in Irwinville (and the farm project), much thanks. Your love and affection for these areas show.

  10. Watson Brown

    Congratulation, Good Friend, Great Historian and Talented Photographer! You are doing such a wonderful thing for Georgia by documenting these elements of its natural and built environments!

  11. Michaela Hadlow

    Brian, I’m so very thankful to be on your e-mail list! Having been raised in Helena (you once pictured my Mother’s home, which has since been torn down!) and in the South Georgia area, seeing these photographs takes me back to my childhood!

    THANK YOU for the incredible work you do!


    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Hate that the house has been lost. I haven’t been through there in over a year, but now I’ll be sad when I do pass that way. You and your family and friends’ comments were a wonderful documentation of a place. Thank you! –Brian

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Thanks, Jim…my dad is still so impressed by seeing your dad. And I’ll never forget the gator hole over in Axson, with Buddy Hopkins…so glad you found that article.

  12. Neeks

    Congratulations on the milestone, you do such a wonderful job of photographing and chronicling local histories for us – it’s much appreciated!

  13. William & Deenna Brown

    Congratulations from Mom & Dad!!! We’re so proud of you & know how hard you’ve worked to accomplish this feat. All of our love for a job well done.

  14. ginny chasteen

    I am glad that i could help you with this project and i am so proud of you and i will continue helping you as long as i can.

  15. Joan

    Congrats! And Thank You for doing a great job. I have been in North Carolina about 30 years and miss Georgia. Your pictures remind me of how beautiful my home state is.
    Thank you again.


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