Toomsboro, Georgia

Kaolin or “chalk” truck passing through Toomsboro

Toomsboro was settled around 1851 (the year it first had a post office, known then as Toomsborough). It was named for Robert Toombs, a prominent politician of the antebellum and war eras, but I have no idea why Toombs is misspelled in the town name.  A mile away was Emmitt, which had a post office from 1842 – 1857, but lost most of its rail business to Toomsboro.  While the history may be a bit unclear, one thing for certain is that Toomsboro today is a beautiful village, a step back in time. Nestled among gently rolling hills carved by the nearby Oconee River, the town is as well-preserved of any of its era in Georgia. Kaolin is king in this area, so if you’re photographing in Toomsboro, watch out for the trucks, which come through quite regularly.

See Athens photographer Dagmar Nelson’s wonderful black-and-white shots of the town here.




2 thoughts on “Toomsboro, Georgia

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      The whole town isn’t for sale, but most of it. It’s a good way to advertise when you’ve bought up the bulk of a place and want to bring attention to it. I’m all for it since Toomsboro is literally like a walk back in time. About 700 people live there now, I believe…


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