Grange, Georgia

Grange Community Jefferson County GA Restored General Merchandise Store Ghost Town Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

Grange was a large enough community at one time to have its own school but today it’s so forgotten that a Google search will send you straight to LaGrange, in West Georgia. The building above has been nicely restored and is dated 1916. Larry Sheppard writes: The old red brick store was owned by a man named Johnny Jones. I knew it as Johnny Jones Store. My family owns land nearby. Spent many a fall day hunting in the area and going to the store which still operated in the 60″s and I think till the 70″s. Johnny had a son and daughter I believe. I think the family still owns the store. His son, John Amos “Spike” Jones was a punter at UGA and went on to play in pro football. Below is a country store that appears to be a bit later, perhaps mid-20th-century.

Grange Community Jefferson County GA Old Country Store Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014


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7 responses to “Grange, Georgia

  1. Victoria Fairley

    The red brick is my aunt and uncle’s store. It was my grandfather’s before that. It is a workshop now and no longer open to the public. I am hoping to purchase it from them when the time is right.

  2. Amy Wilcher Howard

    My grandparents, Junior and Lois Wilcher, ran a country store in the 1950’s and early 1960’s in the front of the white building and lived in the back half. After my grandfather died, my grandmother’s brothers built her a beauty shop adjacent to the store and she cut hair there until she retired in the early 2000’s. She was a sweet lady, loved living in Grange and loved her clients!

  3. Dr. Fay Stapleton Burnett

    Sherman’s troops came through this area; there is a historic marker very close to this old store, just off Hwy. 88.

  4. Dr. Fay Stapleton Burnett

    My Great-great-Grandfather, Maj. Rev. George Lawson Stapleton Jr. (1794-1874) lived in the Grange area of Jefferson County, near where the “Stapleton Academy” and “Stapleton Mill Road” are located, off Hwy 88. He was in the Georgia legislature for 32 years, representing Jefferson and Washington Counties as Senator, and Jefferson County as a legislator. I have just published a book, “The Hanging of Susan Eberhart,” based on George’s act of riding a horse from Grange to Preston, Ga. in 1873, and saying the prayer on the gallows of a young woman being hanged. I think anyone interested in Georgia history will find the book a good read. Thank you. Dr. Fay Stapleton Burnett

  5. Kenneth Huff

    Second store was owned by the Wilchers I remember going into both stores as a child with my dad in the fifties Mr Wilcher passed and the store was closed ,Mrs Louis operated a beauty shop for years near the store and taught Sunday school at Edgehill church of God Mrs Louis wilcher was a sweet lady and loved all us kids . Her father and mother owned farm land west of Grange

  6. Bert Rountree

    Where is this in south Georgia ??

    • Dr. Fay Stapleton Burnett

      Grange is in Jefferson County, East Central Georgia, on Hwy. 88, a four lane between Wrens Ga. and Sandersville, Ga.

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