Shrimp Boats, Darien

Lady Vanessa

Tal & Al

6 thoughts on “Shrimp Boats, Darien

  1. Alice Treska

    I went on the Miss Lewis for a day of shrimping back in the 80’s. Does anyone know if she’s still around?

  2. Chris Rhiner

    I visited Darien in 2015. A picutresque spot, far enoughoff the beaten path to be on of Georgia’s best kept secrets! Captain Reggie Sawyer was only too glad to tell me the story of his boat, Grave Digger. If you eat at Skipper’s Fish Camp, you won’t be sorry!

  3. Laurie

    Having looked at these boats day in and day out for years, who would ever suspect that they would, one day, seem so majestic and dignified. We have taken so much for granted, life was the way it was for so long. The shrimpers went out and we watched them out there all day long and then they came back in, everyday. But now that the world is changing so fast, these boats have begun to have so much more meaning to me…….graceful treasures, one day to be ghosts, living only in our memories and these beautiful pictures

  4. OregonMike98 (Michael Melville)

    I took a trip down the east coast about a year ago and wandered through Darien. I thought it was a cute little town. I took a pic of Lady Vanessa as well. Anyways, nice pic and nice post. The little towns on the georgia coast are wonderful


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