Happy 90th Birthday President Carter

President Carter Teaching Sunday School, Maranatha Baptist Church, Plains



13 thoughts on “Happy 90th Birthday President Carter

  1. Jesse M. Bookhardt

    You do a great job covering the things that are vanishing in South Georgia. Most things that you capture in your photographs are things that most of us regret seeing pass into obscurity; however, the end of some cultural aspects is long over due. I am thinking of some of the nasty, hateful comments recorded in this comment section. Happy birthday Mr. President and thank you for being a decent human and for representing South Georgia and the soul of America so well. History will be kinder as time passes.

  2. Peggy Anderson

    Thank you, Brian. That is what this post should be. A grand tribute to President Carter who has reached a milestone with this birthday..

  3. stan gunter

    It is amazing how so called good Christian folks hate this man. In the good book, they write him down as the best. You won’t find any better.

  4. Peggy Anderson

    Brian, please post this picture Facebook. It is the best one I have ever seen. As usual your photography is tops. I have loved your work a long time.

    1. ben dooley

      Happy birthday indeed. I suspect history will be much kinder to this man than his present day, to be kind, “detractors”.


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