Wrightsville Lumber Company

J. G. Jackson notes that this was the business office of the Wrightsville Lumber Company. Mr. Jackson also notes that the pumps were used to fill the operators’ trucks and not for use by the general public.



6 thoughts on “Wrightsville Lumber Company

  1. wayne frost

    We used to pay for lumber in side that building. What was the mans name that ran the store across the rd. back in the 50’s. I just can’t remember his name. he lived right behind and to the left of the store on the south side

    1. J.G. Jackson

      Carl Kitchens and his wife ran the store. I always knew the store as “Parker’s store” – apparently it belonged to someone else.

    2. Wanda Price Foskey

      My grandparents, Carl and Ruby Kitchens, ran the store across the road from Wrightsville Lumber Co. They lived in the house beside the store.

  2. JG Jackson

    That was never a store – it was the business office of Wrightsville Lumber Company. The pumps were used to supply gas for the owners’ vehicles and equipment – and not for the general public. Across the street there is a small building that was BF Parker’s store.

  3. lamar sanders

    I agree with you that Wrightsville is a wonderful little town. It is really busy, and the houses well cared for. They did abandon the old Dairy Queen and built a new one. I go through it on my way back and forth between Lexington, SC and Edison, Ga all the time, and used to run steam gaging trips for the USGS and go through it in the 1960’s.


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