Benny Paul’s Soul Food, Buckhead

On a recent photography trip, I reached Buckhead a little before noon. I noticed this little restaurant, which appears to have once been a convenience store and decided to give it a try. I was skeptical since there was no one there when I walked in, but I was greeted by owner Daisy Benford and her super friendly staff and quickly filled my plate with some of the best food I had on the entire trip. I had fried chicken (perfection!), mixed beans, collard greens and fried cornbread. The price was very reasonable, too. As I was leaving, hordes of people began to come in, and before I finished shooting the sites of downtown Buckhead, the adjacent parking lot was slam full. As many of you know, I rarely give recommendations, but this is a place you shouldn’t miss if you ever find yourself in the area.

UPDATE: I believe Benny Paul’s is in Madison now. I’m not sure if this location is still open.


3 thoughts on “Benny Paul’s Soul Food, Buckhead


    My husband and I recently moved from Atlanta to Lake Oconee. And had the pleasure of dining at Benny Paul’s on News Years Day 2017. What a find! The food was fantastic and the staff was great. Can’t wait to go back ; we will become regulars.

  2. Ben Dooley

    Thanks for the tip Brian. A glance at my beltline shows this is my kind of place! I still mourn the loss of Deacon Burton and his restaurant in Atlanta.


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