Wards Chapel A. M. E. Church, 1940s, Putnam County


This historic African-American congregation dates to the 1880s. The church is of a vernacular style typical of rural congregations from the late-19th through the mid-20th century.


It was the childhood church home of one of Georgia’s most popular authors, Alice Walker.


After years of disrepair, it has been restored.

The small cemetery across the road is where members of Ms. Walker’s family are buried.

Willie Lee Walker – 13 September 1909-26 January 1973

Minnie Tallulah Grant Walker – 2 December 1912-10 September 1993


4 thoughts on “Wards Chapel A. M. E. Church, 1940s, Putnam County

  1. River

    I am interested in talking to whoever is in charge of this restoration. Please contact me at 828-421-1118 if you know anyone connected to the project.

  2. Tabitha Walker

    A small group of dedicated donors and volunteers continue to restore the historical church. The work is slow but steady. The plywood windows are now covered with murals painted by students from Putnam County High School.


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