Abandoned Wooden Bridge, Screven County

Near the ghost town of Ogeechee on the Ogeechee River this wooden bridge still stands alongside a newer bridge, built in 1970. I imagine it was a scary trip on the Old Ogeechee Road back in the day, especially during flood stage.

6 thoughts on “Abandoned Wooden Bridge, Screven County

  1. Rahn Hutcheson

    I have a vague memory of going over this bridge when I was a small child in a 1966 Ford Fairlane and being scared to death.

  2. Jesse M. Bookhardt

    The remnants of this old bridge is haunting and carries some of us back to the days when dirt roads were dominant and such structures were common in our South Georgia communities. The old wooden bridges with double treads or runners were scary even when they were in their prime. When a vehicle passed over them the boards creaked and clacked, and often the nails which held the runners together protruded slightly above the boards and appeared as polished “‘jewels”. The longer the bridge, the more frightening they were.

  3. Wendell Theus

    Hi Brian, I really like this photo of the old bridge. Kind of a metaphor for life– short, fast and ends abruptly!! Please keep up this great work.


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