Shingle-Sided Building, Barnett

This small shingle-sided structure is located across the highway from Barnett Methodist Church. It was presumably a store but another store once stood near here and this is not it.

3 thoughts on “Shingle-Sided Building, Barnett

  1. Jack Chapman

    Although similar in size and Joe Chapman’s store was across the road from the church, this is not a picture of it. He was my uncle and I currently own the land where it was located.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Thanks Jack. Ms. McAfee who left the original comment about its identity must have remembered your uncle’s store and assumed this was it, but I will certainly change the identification. Input like yours helps make this site more accurate and is appreciated. Do you happen to know anything about this structure?

      1. Jack Chapman

        No Brian, I don’t. I recognize many of the Warrenton pictures and the Barnett Church. The Chapman store was torn down several years ago but didn’t look like this at least post 1963.

        Thanks for your work,


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