Paul Farmhouse, Wheeler County

This style of house, sometimes known as a “Double Shotgun”, was once much more common in South Georgia than it is today. Thanks to Maci Paul for the identification.

7 thoughts on “Paul Farmhouse, Wheeler County

  1. Maci Paul

    The gable front farmhouse is my family’s! It’s cool to see something so close to heart on this website!

  2. Alicia

    This home sits at the crossroads on HWY 126 (can’t remember the other road but it goes across to Hope Baptist Church and the other direction goes towards Scotland) and was owned by Otis and Fanny Butler. I do not know if they built the home but they lived there for many years. Otis was my great-uncle and the house became his daughter’s after they both passed away. At one time, in the early 90’s, I lived in that house.

  3. vanne hanisch-godoy

    Some places are beyond repair, but the churches that have been refurbished are absolutely gorgeous !!!!!

  4. Ben dooley

    Brian, I’ll bet you have heard of a “preacher’s room” haven’t you? Some old houses were built with a 2d door on the front that accessed a guest bedroom that may or may not have another door connecting to the rest of the house. The original intent was to allow a circuit riding preacher to enter on a late night arrival as he rode his charge and bed down without disturbing the rest of the family. Don’t know whether the extra door here serves such a function, but it is a feature often found in older Plantation Plain houses. Times have certainly changed…can’t imagine anybody now days, even in a rural area, leaving an unlocked door that welcomed a late traveler!


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