Visionary Artist Johnny Culver, Sparta

When I was in Sparta to photograph the rededication of the Hancock County Courthouse, I met this gentleman. John “Johnny” Culver is a visionary artist who came back to his hometown of Sparta in 2000 after living in the Atlanta for a time. While there, he suffered a nervous breakdown at the age of 20, after a failed relationship. He told me that creating the art gave him the ability to come back from that and he was very clear that he was a believer and said “God gets all the credit”.

He works in paint and ink and on every imaginable surface. I also feel lucky, since he told me he does not usually allow photographs. I’m so glad we made a connection and that he placed the trust in me to share.

All Art Objects Pictured are © John Culver, Sparta, Georgia

5 thoughts on “Visionary Artist Johnny Culver, Sparta

  1. ben dooley

    Love the birdhouses. Does he have a local studio or gallery in or near Sparta where he displays and sells his work? I guess a website is too much to ask. Glad you were at the rededication of the restored Hancock County Courthouse and hope you are going to put up some photos!


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