Providence Holiness Church, Anderson City


7 thoughts on “Providence Holiness Church, Anderson City

  1. dennis grizzle

    I have been looking for this church for quite a while. I attended with my grandmother Fannie Beville (Miss Fannie). I have great memories of sitting on the hard wooden pews. Miss Sybil was our SS teacher. All the Walkers were great friends to us. I have often wondered what happen to everyone after my Granny died and I returned to my family. I hope this building remains to show future generations how we worshipped.

    1. Joyce Sellers Roberts

      Dennis, Mama and I were talking about your granny just the other day. She used to come spend the night with us and go to church with us.

  2. Dorothy Kate Sellers Osborne

    I have many wonderful memories of this church. Homecomings were wonderful with all the good cooks bringing food fit for kings. Tuesday night Bible Study led by my Aunt Esther Sellers provided a date night for my boyfriend and me. We married and had a wonderful family. So many wonderful memories of first Sundays with Mr. Britt and Mrs Susie Walker and their children. Memories to treasure for a life time. I am now 78 years old and the memories are as fresh as if it happened yesterday. Thank you for sharing this picture. Dorothy Sellers Osborne


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