Tuckasee King Landing, Effingham County

The outpost of Tuckasee King, near present-day Clyo, was the first seat of Effingham County (1784-1787). It was named for a Euchee chief who lived in the area. Today, it’s best known as a landing on the Savannah River.



2 thoughts on “Tuckasee King Landing, Effingham County

  1. Rafe Semmes

    Hello, Brian,

    If I remember correctly, this was not only a popular swimming hole for area youth, many years ago, it was also popular with fishers and boaters. Wasn’t a lot to do for recreation in those parts, on weekends, in years gone by.

    There was also a seafood restaurant on the southern bluff overlooking the river that I heard was well-attended on weekends. I never went there (I was too young, and it was way out of the way for a Chatham County boy to go to), but I heard a lot about it from Effingham County folks who worked in my family’s business. (There were a lot of them, as there wasn’t a lot of work to be found in Eff. County other than farming, after WWII through the 1980’s.)

    Estill, SC, just across the river a piece, has some interesting old homes and businesses — including a round Baptist Church designed by a Jewish architect! When my wife worked as a “Development Director”/fund-raiser for the (now defunct) Memorial Medical Center Foundation in Savannah, for a number of years she coordinated a bike ride from MMC to the Riverfront Marriott in Augusta, which raised some $90K annually for cancer research. That Baptist Church was one of the stops along the way, and I have been inside it. (Info sheet attached)

    Rafe Semmes Savannah/Midway

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