Reynoldsville Landing, Lake Seminole

No matter where I’m traveling, I always try to make at least one stop at a public park or natural area for a moment of decompression. There are many such places in Georgia just waiting to be seen. If you love water, you’ll love Georgia’s “Other Coast”. Sure, there are other big lakes in Georgia, but Lake Seminole lies near farmlands dotted with oaks as big as you’ll find on the actual coast. In your drive to get there, you’ll most likely see them. It’s just beautiful country.

Reynoldsville Landing is located on a finger of Lake Seminole. It’s a public landing and day-use park overseen by the Army Corps of Engineers.


2 thoughts on “Reynoldsville Landing, Lake Seminole

  1. Judy Braswell-VanScoy

    My parents left Vidalia, Georgia, and moved to a place called Paradise Acres at Reynoldsville Landing. The later moved to East Point, Florida near Carrabelle where he grew up before joining the CCC and the U.S. Army at Ft. Screven, GA.

  2. Judy Braswell VanScoy

    Donalsonville is where my Daddy Ernest Braswell was born. His grandfather Kindred Braswell owned the land that became Lake Seminole after it was flooded. He had farmed that land for many years. His maternal grandfather had land not too far away and farmed it until he died in 1918 three days after contracting SPANISH INFLUENZA. His name was William (BILLY) E. Turnage.


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