Phillips-Cleghorn House, Arp

8 thoughts on “Phillips-Cleghorn House, Arp

  1. Al Copeland

    This was my great grandmothers home and I remember playing in the yard as a child. I try to visit Arp at least once a year just stop by and say hey to Granny and Grandaddy (Leroy and Florence Copeland). Boy those were the days funny how that small house seemed so big back then.

  2. Betty Courson

    My Mom & Dad married in Arp Ga. in 1939. I remember going to Arp as a small child watching a movie out side on a white sheet tacked to two large post. This was the first drive-in (ha ha} theater I remember. I can’t recall the name of the man that did this, it was in his yard & we would sit on blanket on the grass. Those were the days! We just didn’t know it. Mom & Dad would enjoy this as much as we did. Thanks for memory lane !!

    1. drtrd Post author

      This is so fascinating, Betty…I can’t imagine how much fun that must have been to you as a child. That was a very big deal for a place like Arp!

  3. Jane Tucker Gentry

    This is my Grandparents house in Arp. It was built my Leah(Cleghorn) Phillips and her husband. My grandparents Tan and Mae(Driver) Cleghorn bought the house in the late 50’s. The house burned a couple of years ago. Many Happy memories were made in this small house that was a home to us all.

    1. drtrd Post author

      I was saddened to see the house gone; but thanks so much for sharing your fond memories! I truly appreciate your sharing part of your family story with Vanishing South Georgia.

    2. Christopher (Bop) Burson

      I have visited here many times with my grandma – Lulu McCurdy – I would play on the railroad tracks or fish in the pond out back. These were the best years of my childhood – spending a week or two with my Grandma during summer vacation. My Grandma and Aunt, Uncle and cousin lived just up the road in front of the church.( Ethridge) I probably met you, but I was only 9-10 at the time (1960-65) so I don’t remember. I know you remember The Rogers Store, with all those bottle caps in the drive way.

      1. Jane Tucker Gentry

        We have the Roll Top desk that was in the Old Rogers store, also the large scale with the marble slab to put the cheese, meat etc on, We feel blessed to have this part of Arp.

      2. Jane Tucker Gentry

        Granny Burson, oh how I did love that woman. She and my Little Mama Cleghorn would walk my legs off fishing in all the ponds in the area. They would can those fish in Quart jars and cook them like salmon patties, fried all greasy and yummy.

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