Thomas Hardy Jackson House, Jacksonville

Thanks to Jim Jackson, a grandson of Thomas Hardy Jackson, for the identification. This house was the most important remaining vernacular landmark in Jacksonville when I photographed it and I worried about its fate. It was razed in 2010.

5 thoughts on “Thomas Hardy Jackson House, Jacksonville

  1. Susan Jackson

    Hi, my name is Susan Jackson and my father, Roy Jackson, grew up in this house in Jacksonville, GA. It saddens me to tell you, if you don’t already know, that this house has been torn down. The last time I drove through Jacksonville on my way to Tifton, several months ago, I noticed it was no longer standing. When Jim contacted you, Millie was the eldest sibling,but passed away on October 27, 2013 in Waycross, GA. Of the eleven children who grew up in that house, only five are living. My father loved that house and he had so many wonderful childhood memories there.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Susan, I’ve been looking for my master file of this photograph for some time. I pass through Jacksonville often and was very sad to see this house gone. I really hate that it was torn down and will continue to plunder my files for a better copy!

    2. Lamar Sanders

      Hello, Susan. I have been familiar with house since the 1960’s when I worked in Tifton with the U. S. Geological Survey collecting stream flow data, and knew Roy Jackson. We bought steel from his machine shop for building gages and rented storage space from him. He deer hunted with us some in the Piedmont. He was a really good man, one who would be loved by man, woman, or child. I can still see him laughing

  2. Jim Jackson

    Thanks for your efforts!! I grew up on Liberty Street in McRae. The “Old Abandoned House” you referred to in Jacksonville is actually the old home place of Thomas Hardy Jackson Sr and his wife Alberta. They raised 11 children in that house… 9 girls and two boys… My dad Thomas “Hardy” Jackson, Jr. was second to the oldest and was born in that house as were most of the others. As of 7-2010 there are only 6 sisters still living and the first born, Millie DeShazo is living in Waycross and is 97. I am the oldest grandchild of Tom and Alberta – there were 16 grandchildren.

  3. john wayne mcrae

    Twice each year, in the Spring and Fall, we load up the Massey Ferguson and drive from Jacksonville, Fla., to Jacksonville, Ga. Head West on River Rd to China Hill and mow and clean Old McKinnon Cemetery. My GGGGrandMother, Catherine (McLeod) McRae, and other family members are buried there. Catherine moved to Telfair Co. in 1819.
    John Wayne McRae.


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