Omega, Georgia


4 thoughts on “Omega, Georgia

  1. Betty Martin Renolds

    My grandparents lived in Omega after they moved from Crosland, Florence and Tom Hall. I still have family who lives there, the Meders. The Omega Cemetery has it fair share of Halls, Meders, Martins and Corbitts.

  2. angie hart

    I briefly lived in Omega with my Aunt Mamie. This was maybe 1980-1981. I remember we lived close to these shops pictured and I would walk down to some small arcade. Can someone recall the name? I’m thinking the sign simply read ‘Arcade’.

  3. Stan Arline

    My great-great-grandfather Hardy came to Omega ,from Upson Co. Ga,about 1890 and started farming and was very successful. During the late’40’s and 50’s Omega was a thriving little town,my great uncle owned a grocery store there and on Saturday night he would be open ’til 11.00 at night ,along with many other stores for the farm families to get supplies and to socialize.I remember seeing families come to town in mules and wagons full of kids. There was a movie theatre in Omega that was open some nights and Saturdays,NEVER on Sunday.

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