A. T. Fuller Lumber Company Truck, Irwin County


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7 responses to “A. T. Fuller Lumber Company Truck, Irwin County

  1. Patty Wise

    I loved Mr. A.T. what a fine man. I also remember swimming in Osiwitchee Springs. Brrr! Cold!!

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed the images Meg! I don’t have a picture o Mr. A. T. ‘s beautiful home, but I have been wanting to get one. I’ll try to get one on here within the week…

  3. Meg Bragdon

    Are there any photos of his residence available online?

  4. Meg Bragdon

    My grandfather Jimmy Fuller was A.T. Fuller,s brother. We visited Uncle A.T. at his mill office many times. Love the pictures.

  5. The places, Bowens Crossing and Fitzgerald suggest somewhere near Spring Lake which is about a mile from what I remember as Bowens Mill. We used to sing “Around the curve and down the hill and here we are at Bowens Mill.” That was when we knew we were getting close to our destination, Spring Lake.
    The truck location could be almost anywhere. Someone’s front yard, perhaps? The white house looks like Uncle A. T.’s office building. The same from day one to the end. No improvements.
    I loved the pictures of the tenant houses. These were like the ones Papa Fuller used to burn down and build new ones for the tenants.
    Also loved the coca colas in bottles, standing in crates at the peach stand (1966).
    What a trip back in time!

    • Thanks so much Kay! I just heard from one of your relatives the other day, one of Mr. A. T.’s grandsons I believe. Actually, the Bowens Crossing structure is in Irwin County, and that is just the name of the road it’s on. The Fuller Lumber Co. truck is in someone’s front yard, out on the Ten Mile Road. As to Bowen’s Mill, I know it very well also; I swam in Spring Lake and Osiwitchee Springs as a boy and a teenager. My father fondly recalls visits with Mr. Guy Fuller there, at his old cabin. Thanks for sharing the little ditty about Bowen’s Mill too! Very interesting. As to the peach stand, that was my grandfather’s. Wish I had some of those peaches now! Thanks again for sharing your experiences.

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