Arp, Georgia

arp ga irwin county ghost town photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009


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  1. Looking for information on Ed Reeves who, I think, was pastor of Big Creek Missionary Baptist Church at one time.

  2. Arp got it’s name, “cause a chicken got a stick caught in it’s throat and the sound it made, trying to dislodge the stick sounded like -ARP, ARP.” That is the story my grandmother told me 50 or so years ago. She lived there, along with aunt, uncles and cousins in the 50’s and 60’s. My aunt and uncle lived directly across from the church. My grandmother lived next door-just in the crook of the road. (Amon Ethridge) This was a wonderful place to spend my summers. I love this place!!!

  3. Thanks Adam !!
    I found the following directions online, but I could NEVER find Gyco on a map to even begin to think about travelling to the area, from central Florida, to start trying to find the cemetery. The Cornealious Young in the cemetery might be my grandfathers uncle(the year of birth is good), he’s the only one of the family who I can’t find in the old Census records living in Florida, so he may have stayed up there when everyone in the direct family group moved south looking for work during the depression.
    Thanks again Adam, never would have known with out your help.!/profile.php?id=1138153667&sk=info

    Young-Minchew-Segerst Cemetery as published in the Survey of Irwin County Cemeteries by Jessie Paulk.

    this cemetery can be found by traveling north on CR118 approximately 9 or 10 miles to the Railroad, at a place called Gyco. Turn left on the south side of the tracks to the first dirt road to the left, continue for about 1/2 miles and turn left into the woods on the A. T. fuller property. Continue on this woods road, keeping to the right forks and the cemetery is about 12 mile back in the woods.
    McCook, Mary n/d (adult)
    Minchew, Calvin d. 1879
    Minchew, Clara d. 1892
    Minchew, Jimmie n/d (adult)

    Segerst, Cora n/d
    Segerst, Emmie n/d
    Segerst, James n/d
    Young, Artie b/d 1896
    Young, Cornelia n/s (Adult)
    Young, Cornealious 1893-1923
    Young, Daisy 1914-1915
    Young,Elizabeth 1854-1933
    Young, Lettie 1919-1920

    Adult slab, not marked, by Mary McCook, husband maybe?
    Surveyed 9 March 1993 by Jessie H. Paulk and Rev. Larry Clements.
    Marker placed by Mr. Dan Nasworthy who first spotted this cemetery from the air while crop dusting.

  4. Adam

    GYCO is what is known at the next railroad crossing west of Arp…Dandellion Rd in Ben Hill County. Very few people around still know of GYCO…as it was called that due a Georgia Yam Company having a warehouse or something similar at that location years ago. Nowadays, there is no sign of any such operation, but a few oldtimers still call that railroad crossing area GYCO.

    • Thanks for this information, Adam. I spoke with my father last night about it, and he worked from around 1963 until 2000 for ACL, SCL, and finally CSX, and never knew the GYCO acronym. He said all the old-timers on the railroad called the area the “Tater House”, and that it was always a hard place to negotiate on the tracks, especially with the older trains. He was very interested in finding out the connection! He said the Minshew family lived near there, and that even years ago he doesn’t remember the potato packing plant being there. So that is some old, obscure history you have there. Thanks for relaying it to us!

    • Tanya Lynn

      What is the zip code for the Young-Minchew-Segerst Cemetery. I have added it to Find A Grave and they need a zip. Thanks.

  5. My grandfathers older brother, Roy Lee Young was born in Arp in 1912.
    By the way, anyone know where Gyco is?? Trying to find a Young-Segrest-Minchew Cemetery

    • I do know that many of the Youngs in that area are related to the Minshews. Please see my response to Adam O’ Quinn regarding Gyco…neat history there.

  6. Adam

    The bulk of my family is buried in Arp Cemetary (the Reeves & Fowlers). Most folks have no clue what or where Arp is…so it’s good to see it preserved here online. THANK YOU!!!

  7. Jane Tucker Gentry

    This was the home of Alva and Eula(Phillips) Smith. They gave the land that Arp Missionary Baptist Church is on. We recently bought an additional 5 acres for our Church. The funny thing is when this land was given it was with the understanding it the church ever went into The Baptist Association the land would be taken back. Many years later Aunt Eula was heard to say “what woulBaptist.d I do with a cemetery”, but these 61 years later we ARE still Missionary

    • Thanks for sharing some of the scarcely known history of the Arp community! I appreciate your interest, Jane. I would love to know more about Arp, especially, how the community got its name.

      • I will try and find some old papers I found while doing genealogy. I had not heard the chicken story, don’t think that was the way it got its name but a heck of a good story for a Granny to share with Grands. I live with in a mile of Arp and we found a piece of tin off an old house on our place not long ago with a Guyco printed on the tin. It was another place that the train stopped many years ago and if I am remembering right they had a store and a grist mill there, There was a grist mill on my Grandparents land in Arp and I think another mill there also. I will share memories with my hubby in the next few days and get my thoughts together on this. I can remember the Mill at Little Mama and Granddaddy’s.
        It was not in use but we could go inside the building before it was torn down. Arp and Guyco were bustling little towns in their day.

    • Cory Evans

      My great Grandmother was Eula Mae Phillips Evans. I wonder if there is a relation.

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