Saddlebag House, Tift County


3 thoughts on “Saddlebag House, Tift County


    When I was a child,I lived in this house with my parents and two sisters.My sisters and I always had fun running around and playing in the pastures.We always had fun swimming and go fishing in the two ponds. My daddy built us a club house by the road to set and wait on the bus. I would also walk up the road to see Mrs.Christine, such a sweet lady. I always loved living in that house.Great times!

  2. L

    Lol..Children and there stories. I grew up in this house and that never happened. My sisters and I had some of our best memories at this house. It was very peaceful living there.

  3. A

    When I was a child, I lived just down the road from this house, on WIley Branch, my parents still live there. The kids that lived around there would always tell a scary story about this house and that a family was murdered there. Supposedly they had seven kids and they all died. I think it was a story the older kids would tell the little kids to scare the be-Jesus out of them, but I never knew if it was true. We always walked as far as possible from this house when walking down that dirt road, just to be safe! I would love to know the REAL story of this house, but we may never know!


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