Akin Methodist Church, 1892, Mount Pleasant

When Lawrence Akin built this church, historically known as Mount Pleasant Methodist Church,  Mount Pleasant was a thriving community whose economy was based on timber. Today, the church is the only real link to that era. Akin was a Camden County native who became involved in banking and politics after moving to Mount Pleasant in 1884. His business interests in the Mount Pleasant area led him to build a suitable church where his family could worship. The community was in steady decline by the late 1920s and by the 1940s, the church membership was nearly too small to sustain. A gift from one of Lawrence Akin’s daughters, Ruth Akin Hightower, insured that the church would survive and the congregation was renamed to honor its founder.

6 thoughts on “Akin Methodist Church, 1892, Mount Pleasant

  1. Michael Lawrence Akin

    My great-great grandfather was Lawrence R. Akin III. I haven’t been to the church on Sunday but have driven by many times and have pics out front. It would be great to have a family reunion one day.

  2. Kim

    spent many a Sunday, in this wonderful old church, with my grandparents, Tom & Celia Howard. My son, Michael and his wife Nicole, were married in this beautiful church!

  3. George Coxhead Jr

    I am so glad to see that this church is still a viable church, and that the building has been so beautifully preserved. It was named after my great grandfather Lawrence R. Akin who had a large farm,(turpentine,pulpwood sawmill),and was a state senator from 1909 to 1922.
    My grandmother, Nell Akin, was one of 12 of his children.
    I believe that he donated the pine board and labor to build the church. I would love to know more about its history.
    George Coxhead, Charlotte,NC

    1. Alfred Kennedy

      Mr. Coxhead – your grandmother Nell Akin and my grandmother Ruth Akin Hightower were sisters and I remember seeing your grandmother several times when I was a child staying with my grandmother in Thomaston during the war when my father was a naval officer. My sister and I were left there whenever my father’s ship was in a port in the states while our mother went to join him. I believe aunt Nell and Nana (as we called her) were close and that there were visits back and forth. Was your grandfather the man we called uncle Carl? Or was that the husband of another sister? I used to go to Sea Island with my family because my grandfather Kennedy had built a house there in 1948. While there our mother took us to the little Akin Memorial Church and to the Akin cemetery and to see the house in Brunswick where her mother and your grandmother grew up. I have been back many times as an adult, although not recently. My grandmother died in 1978 and left a small sum of money in her will to the church. It has always had a special meaning for me because of that early connection and I am delighted to find a cousin who has an interest in it. I have always been told that our great grandfather built the church but I don’t know any of the details. Please let me know if you have any further information. – Alfred Kennedy

      1. Michael L. Akin

        Alfred, you may want to contact my grandfather Lawrence R. Akin III (Duke). He lives in Atlanta and could tell you more about the history of the church. Also, the church has a facebook page.

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