Cotton Mill Girls, Tifton, 1909

Photograph by Lewis Hine; Courtesy of the Library of Congress. Public Domain

Lewis W. Hine‘s  (1874 – 1940) photographs are credited with bringing to the national consciousness the plight of child laborers in early twentieth century America. Social historians consider these images a major influence on much-needed child labor reform.


4 thoughts on “Cotton Mill Girls, Tifton, 1909

    1. Michael

      wow..what a story..I remember living not for from that area back in the early 1980’s when the area, still is, called Cotton Mill.. most of the surrounding houses on the property were known as “shotgun houses” because of the style they were bulit.. even in the late 70’s they had functioning “outhouses’..very poor africian-american community..During the early 1990’s the people were pretty much forced from their homes and the homes were demolished.. I remember thinking, even til this day, history was vanishing before our very eyes..Thanks for the link


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