Scarboro Baptist Church, 1854, Jenkins County

There is scant information to be found on the history of Scarboro or the Scarboro Baptist Church, but considering its early date, the church has been integral to the life of the community. I have not been able to confirm a construction date for the church but the congregation was organized in 1854.

As to Scarboro, the Georgia Historical Society noted on the historic marker it placed in 1951: This is one of the older settlements in this part of Georgia having been established sometime prior to 1840 and receiving its name from Enoch or Hardy Scarborough of Screven County. In 1839 it became Station No. 7 on the Central Rail Road and served this one of the very oldest rail roads in the United States as a refueling station for over 30 years. During the War Between the States, Gen. Sherman’s Army [USA] camped alongside the railroad here on the night of Dec. 3, 1864. The Scarboro Baptist Church was organized in 1854. About 1/2 mile east of here stands the old Woods’ house constructed in part about ten years before the War Between the States.

2 thoughts on “Scarboro Baptist Church, 1854, Jenkins County

  1. john lee

    thanks for the good work,having lived in jenkins county and worked for the railroad many years 43-86 i love the pictures at scarboro


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