Vernacular Farmhouse, Worth County

This house, located between Sumner and Poulan,  was well-known to travelers on US 82 for many years. It was obviously a combination of three smaller houses. I believe the board-and-batten section in the middle was possibly original to the location, with the wings being added at a later date.

Though it would have probably been lost due to deterioration, it was a victim of arson not long after I photographed it.

8 thoughts on “Vernacular Farmhouse, Worth County

  1. Will

    I remember this landmark from my childhood visits to Albany, which meant catching Hwy 82 in Tifton and making what became the most beloved part of the trip: Ty Ty, Sumner, Poulan, Sylvester, and Acree. I love those places. Now I travel to Albany via Hwy 300 from Cordele, so I have gotten to know Warwick and Oakfield, which you also feature. Thank you for capturing them all in these wonderful pictures.

  2. A.T.

    I really love your site. I have a love of old buildings and the histories behind them. I love this picture because this house no longer exists. It burned down to the ground a few weeks ago by arsonists. Aparently they think it is okay to burn down other people’s property. They burned another house nearby also. Very sad to think people can get away with such crimes!

    1. drtrd Post author

      Thanks for checking out the site, Ashley. I’m so saddened to hear about the destruction of this house, but I’m glad I got to photograph it, extensively. It was certainly a landmark to me on Highway 82, as I traveled between Tifton and Acree…


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