Bill Ricks’s Photographs, Soperton

These are just a few of Bill Ricks’s images of life in and around Soperton, Georgia, over the past few decades. Mr. Ricks was an army veteran and a photographer who documented just about everything of note in his home county. And in the tradition of small town photographers, he enjoyed sharing his work. Many of his images were displayed in the windows of the old Moring’s Cash Store, but I’m told they are gone now. Luckily, the images are archived online.

Mr. Ricks passed away in 2011; I regret that I never got to meet him. He was kind to share a lot of Treutlen County history with me. I hope his images are kept in good shape for future generations. Perhaps his family will do a book of them at some time.

3 thoughts on “Bill Ricks’s Photographs, Soperton


    I started my picture blog in December 2006 and the Moring family allowed me to hang prints until space ran out. Nobody has been using the building lately, and many of the prints have fallen. Paper and ink became too much of an expense, but I still try to post a few old pictures every week with descriptions and names of other photos made the same week the negatives were shot. I cooperate with Ricky Reese on the blog he originated called TREUTLEN E-NEWS


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