Planter’s Warehouse, Circa 1903, Unadilla

One of Georgia’s most attractive cotton warehouses, Unadilla’s Planter’s Warehouse was earlier owned and operated by W. B. Hodges and Frank Giles as Giles and Hodge Farm Center. It, along with all of Unadilla’s historic commercial district, should be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. I hope such an effort is underway.


10 thoughts on “Planter’s Warehouse, Circa 1903, Unadilla

  1. Henry Giles

    My name is Henry Giles. This warehouse was our family business for 40 years as Giles & Hodge Farm Center.

    1. Elaine Kidd

      Could this warehouse also have been known at one time as / Planters Warehouse/ Lockerman . Fokes? I have a photo which may or may not be this same place. Please advise if you know as my gg grandfather is in my pic.

      1. Sam Smith

        Not sure what it may have been called prior to the late 40’s but I have a picture from early 50’s when it was WB Hodge cotton warehouse. Prior to that I believe it was Buff and Hodge then in the 60’s it was Giles and Hodge until Mr. Frank Giles bought it in the 70’s and ran it until he retired.

  2. Sam J. Smith

    That is the Giles and Hodge Cotton Warehouse, I spent many summers (60’s through 70’s) playing in and around it. Before My aunt and uncle retired they sold it to their business partner Mr. Frank Giles. I have a much earlier picture of it (50’s) as the WB Hodge Cotton Warehouse

  3. Bkhuna

    This is a great building!

    And to think, just a couple of mile away, people are whizzin’ by at 80 mph reading billboards and searching for the next fast food fix off- ramp.

    Gotta’ stop and smell the roses.


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